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Being stung by a hornet is a painful experience and can be life threatening to those who are allergic to stings and may suffer anaphylactic shock. It is possible to reduce the risk of being stung by taking sensible precautions and ensuring that a hornets nest is properly treated or removed.Hornet stings – protecting you and your family 

Hornets – identifying hornets

Hornets are larger in size than wasps and bees.  The hornets vertex (head area behind the eyes) is larger than that of wasps.

Hornets are generally less aggressive than wasps but will sting and bite to defend a hornets nest. Hornets will also forage for food at dusk if weather conditions are mild. They can also be disorientated by lights, in much the same way as moths, during twilight hours.

Hornets Nest

Be careful when dealing with a hornets nest. Although hornets are less aggressive than wasps, they will defend against any threat to a hornets nest by biting and stinging repeatedly.

If you are experiencing large numbers of hornets in your home or garden there is likely to be a hornets nest nearby. When queen hornets emerge from hibernation in the spring, they search for locations to build a hornets nest, that are protected from the elements. As a woodland species, hornets natural instincts are to build a hornets nest in tree cavities. Over time they have adapted to human habitation and a hornets nest can be found in a variety of locations from bird nest boxes, loft spaces and hollow walls to secluded corners of sheds and garages.

How to get rid of a Hornets Nest

To locate a hornets nest, watch the flight path of the returning workers. Hornets make a loud flight noise and can be heard from inside a building, if the hornets nest is within the wall cavity. If the hornets nest is near your home, keep nearby doors and windows closed. If you suspect the hornets nest is in the attic, take great care when entering the attic space as the hornets may see this as an aggressive threat to their nest.

Do not attempt treatment for a hornets nest if you suspect you are sensitive to stings, if the hornets nest is indoors or the hornets nest is difficult to reach.

Hornets can be dangerous –  seek professional advice and expert help.

canforce Pest Control offers a service to safely treat a hornets nest within your home or business. The service is fast, effective and affordable. If you would like further advice or to arrange for a Canforce Pest Control technician to visit and treat a hornets nest, call us today.

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